7 Tips for Using a Thickness Planer

7 Tips for Using a Thickness Planer

A thickness planer is easy and safe to use and can help you in smoothing your wood and providing a good and high-quality finish to it. However, one must always keep a few tips in mind to get the most out of your thickness planer. If you’re interested in getting one, I’d recommend you go through a lot of reviews before getting one, Homeguyd has some strong recommendations.

In this article, we will be discussing a few safety and quality tips so that you can plane precisely while not compromising on your safety or the quality of the planed woods.

Tip 1:

Always feed your wood smoothly and gently into the machine and make sure that it is as flat to the machine’s bed as possible. You can do this by putting some downward pressure on the board on the in-feed side as you feed it in.

Tip 2:

Although chances of finding loose knots, nails, etc. are less likely, it is always a good idea to check your board with a magnetic wand before feeding it into the machine.

Thickness Planer

You can glue or remove the loose knots before you put it into the planer so that there are no projectiles. It will hardly take 5 minutes and will help you reduce the planning time too.

Tip 3:

You can use your thickness planer to plane woods into a similar thickness which are bound to be used together. However, it is not possible to get the same thickness usually so you have to be a little more careful with it.

For this reason, it is important that you feed your boards into the same part of the planer for the final pass. You can choose any side but just make sure that you run all the boards together through the same cutterhead part to ensure the same thickness level.

Tip 4:

It is important to keep a lookout for tear outs as it can happen quite frequently and can certainly ruin the look of your board. So, to avoid tear outs, you can sharpen your knives so that you get quality cut, even on difficult woods.

Tip 5:

Another efficient way to avoid a tear-out is by using a damp cloth to wipe down your board before feeding it into the planer. This will soften the wood fiber and will allow you a chance to avoid the tear outs but you should do this only as the last resort because you don’t want your planer to get wet too.

Tip 6:

Always be sure to wear a face mask, glasses, and earplugs to avoid sawdust getting inside your eyes, nose, ears, and so on. This will protect you from any accidents that might occur due to the dust getting into your sensory organs.

Tip 7:

Whenever you clean or make any repairs to your planer, always make sure to unplug it first so as to avoid any residual electrical energy from causing you harm. If you forget to do this, then you might end up getting hurt or might damage your planer while cleaning it.…

Seven Minutes in (Timbers) Heaven

Seven Minutes in (Timbers) Heaven

Portland’s debut MLS season may have come to a halt but the misty-eyed memories and goosebumps-inducing flashbacks live on in Portland Timbers, We Adore You.

 A no-narration documentary chronicling JELD-WEN Field’s inaugural MLS match, the seven-minute film drips with both tasteful camerawork and nostalgia for the recent past.

There is also a little bit of odd timing as well as opening day was 8 months ago but that is of little consequence when the finished product to so damn pretty to look at.

Add in a handful of highly-stylized Adrian Healy soundbites and the end result is something any reasonable fan of American soccer would deem worthy of watching*. Twice.

BONUS TRACK: Alaska Airlines recently did their own JELD-WEN Field opening flashback video. Watch it.

MLS Cup 2011 Brought to You By AEG

MLS Cup 2011 Brought to You By AEG

Here we are with one game left to go on the MLS calendar and it’s an all-AEG affair with the Galaxy pretty much hosting the Dynamo.


So we can all rest assured that Tim Leiweke will be standing atop a podium in an AEG-built venue with a trophy, named after Uncle Phil Anschutz himself, at the end of 90 minutes come hell or high-water and I ain’t mad at that.

However I am upset about the fact that rumors of MLS Cup being “Phil Anschutz Bobblehead Night” are just that, rumors. Still, if ever there was anyone in modern, American soccer worthy of being immortalized in miniature form and distributed to fans it is Mr. Anschutz. Without him MLS Cup doesn’t exist.…

File Under “Out of Nowhere”: FL group planning $400m SSS

File Under “Out of Nowhere”: FL group planning $400m SSS

You sitting down? Good because there seems to be serious, on-the-downlow SSS talk in Florida. And in Tampa of all places.

According to a quasi-hidden website, “VSI Flames, Inc. (VSI Tampa Bay Flames) recently entered in to a formal agreement with its funding partner PRI Development Partners LLC for the purpose of providing the Tampa Bay region with a first class and purpose built soccer stadium along with a separate 20+ training field and Academy complex.”


And not just any old stadium but “a new purpose built 28,888 seat soccer stadium that will have a retractable roof and the ability to increase the capacity to 40,000.” Apparently not content to simply fight Raymond James Stadium for the occasional USMNT matches, “the parties are committed to securing an MLS soccer franchise” for Tampa.

Crazy, right? Read on, it’s gets better.

Check out some of the names of investors in VSI: Shaun Wright Phillips, Mikel Jon Obi, Mark Hughes, and Ian Wright. Safe to say this group has more than a few real soccer heads. Oh and not incidentally, VSI will run a USL Pro club in 2013 that will play in an Empire Fields-esque temporary modular stadium built by Nussli.

In addition to big names and financial backing, VSI seems to have every civic duck in a nice, neat row; the project’s listed partners include Tampa Bay Sports Commission, the City of Tampa, Tampa Chamber of Commerce and Tampa Economic Development Corporation.

Names, cash, connections and ambitions aren’t enough though. To build a club and a stadium you need land. Take it for what it is but my man in Tampa –Florida soccer’s Huggy Bear if you will– says that the location VSI are focused on “in the heart of Tampa” is downtown near the Ice Palace and belongs to Jeff Vinik, Liverpool FC board member and owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning. If you want another Lightning-soccer connection, their CEO is former Sounders CEO Tod Leiweke, brother of AEG’s Tim.

Would a Tampa MLS club & stadium be a collaboration between Vinik and VSI? I can’t say and, again, take that info for what it is. But if you want more answers, try to score yourself an invite to VSI’s event at The Tampa Club on December 11. According to the invite, VSI and PRI are “bringing a breathtaking center pitch to Tampa Bay on 3.30.16” at a cost of $400m.

Yeah, they’ve set a date. Call it confident or call it crazy. Either way the whole damn thing is intriguing as hell. Wonder if this is why The Don was high on Florida but not particularly talkative on perpetual also-rans Orlando & Miami in his recent State of the League address?

God, I love expansion gossip.…

Marsch’s Montreal Have Anelka on the Brain

Marsch’s Montreal Have Anelka on the Brain

How’s your French? Merde? Better ask for Rosetta Stone for Christmas then because if you really want to know what’s what with the Impact you’re going to need to read and listen to a lot of it.


But if you are like me and only speak French after a bottle & a half of Bordeaux (and poorly even then) you can check out the latest episode of the SoccerPlus podcast because it features an English-language interview with Montreal coach Jessie Marsch.

The headline here is that he says the club are still batting around the idea of making a play for Nicolas Anelka. I repeat, Nicolas “Not Claude” Anelka. Marsch says “it’s still a possibility” and they “haven’t closed the door on it.” It would be one hell of a get, much better than that raft of aged Italians that’s been bandied about as possible DPs. Plus with him being French he could actually understand what the local socceratti are writing about him.

On second thought maybe that’s not the best move for a player as, erm, emotional as Nico.…

See You Too, Morrow: FC Dallas Coach Ousted

See You Too, Morrow: FC Dallas Coach Ousted

I hope to have more info out of Frisco soon, but my man on the ground there says that FC Dallas skipper has been shown the door following his side’s 5-1 pasteing on Sunday by the Rudd Boyz. My man Jinxproofs has the following to say:


“I was sitting next to Dan Hunt (of FC Dallas’ owners The Hunt Group) Sunday and he looked like someone shot his dog and his grandmother at the same time. He was not happy at all…..”

When you own a pro sports team and it screws the pooch in such a spectacular fashion in front of a record crowd and a national audience it’s probably worse than a dead dog and grandma. Next stop Walsall?

Wanted: 2 Girls Who Like Soccer & Creepers from San Diego

Wanted: 2 Girls Who Like Soccer & Creepers from San Diego

OK boys fess up. Which one of you wannabe ballers from SD posted this on Craigslist?
LA Fans

Galaxy MLS Cup 2011 – $20 (home depot)


I know whoever placed this ad has high hopes that the respondents to his offer will resemble the Beckhamistas above in more than one way but trust me my dude, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. This is Craigslist, not Jacques (NSFW); you will count yourself lucky if your dates are not “pros”/con artists and have all of their teeth.…