MLS Cup 2011 Brought to You By AEG

MLS Cup 2011 Brought to You By AEG

Here we are with one game left to go on the MLS calendar and it’s an all-AEG affair with the Galaxy pretty much hosting the Dynamo.


So we can all rest assured that Tim Leiweke will be standing atop a podium in an AEG-built venue with a trophy, named after Uncle Phil Anschutz himself, at the end of 90 minutes come hell or high-water and I ain’t mad at that.

However I am upset about the fact that rumors of MLS Cup being “Phil Anschutz Bobblehead Night” are just that, rumors. Still, if ever there was anyone in modern, American soccer worthy of being immortalized in miniature form and distributed to fans it is Mr. Anschutz. Without him MLS Cup doesn’t exist.

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