Seven Minutes in (Timbers) Heaven

Seven Minutes in (Timbers) Heaven

Portland’s debut MLS season may have come to a halt but the misty-eyed memories and goosebumps-inducing flashbacks live on in Portland Timbers, We Adore You.

 A no-narration documentary chronicling JELD-WEN Field’s inaugural MLS match, the seven-minute film drips with both tasteful camerawork and nostalgia for the recent past.

There is also a little bit of odd timing as well as opening day was 8 months ago but that is of little consequence when the finished product to so damn pretty to look at.

Add in a handful of highly-stylized Adrian Healy soundbites and the end result is something any reasonable fan of American soccer would deem worthy of watching*. Twice.

BONUS TRACK: Alaska Airlines recently did their own JELD-WEN Field opening flashback video. Watch it.

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